What We Do

A&B helps businesses increase their success by improving employee productivity. Assisting management with hiring, promoting and employee development leads to a common goal: a stronger business and work environment. We help our clients achieve results through a two-step process:

Step One: We work with you to assess the needs of your organization, set specific goals and then develop and implement an action plan.

Step Two: To achieve your goals, we utilize nationally recognized, proven-effective programs, which will:

  • Assist you in matching the strengths of people with job expectations
  • Identify individual behavior gaps that are blocking performance
  • Provide individual coaching to modify behavior or sharpen leadership skills
  • Improve personal accountability, productivity, communication and problem-solving
  • Motivate individuals and teams to reach their full potential

What We Offer...


The Achiever can determine whether a candidate truly has the ability to succeed in a specific environment or whether they are simply good interviewers.


Do you want to take performance to the next level?

Power Pointers

Productivity tips and insights for improving essential behaviors that
impact personal and organizational growth and performance.

Who We Are

For more than 20 years, A&B has been using nationally renowned assessments and training programs to help clients throughout the U.S. achieve greater growth, profitability, and improved product and service quality by:
  • Hiring “A” performers who will meet job performance expectations
  • Avoiding costly personnel turnover by “cloning” the best employees
  • Increasing stability and commitment of employees
  • Making personal accountability a core company value
  • Increasing personal productivity and organizational effectiveness
  • Improving leadership and communication skills
  • Building effective teams

What Sets Us Apart

Real world business experience in corporate America and as a small business owner

Clarity and decisiveness; ability to see the big picture

Professionalism and genuine interest blended with the desire to assist others creates receptivity and promotes the desire within individuals to aspire to their ultimate potential…which improves the bottom line of corporations