Do you want to take performance to the next level? We offer high-impact training and coaching programs focused on a single goal—to help leaders move their people and organization to new levels of achievement, and to keep them working at peak performance. The results: companies which are stronger, more competitive and more profitable.

How Companies Benefit

Organizations, as well as the individual employees, benefit by gaining significant improvement in the following areas:

  • Personal accountability becomes a core value
  • Measurable increases in employee productivity with consistent focus on top priorities
  • Improved communication and interpersonal relationships at all levels
  • Employees committed to achieving results
  • Proactive management as a result of improved knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Staff stability and commitment

QBQ! Practicing Personal Accountability in Business and in Life.

Gain the QBQ! advantage by making personal accountability a core organizational value so that people focus on reaching company goals. Training with immediate impact based on the best-selling book by John Miller. Focus on responsibility, leadership (not simply position), change, communication, problem-solving, service and coaching. Enthusiastically accepted at all levels for the ease in which QBQ! provides a method to comfortably address areas that need to be improved – Result: increased productivity and improved customer care and satisfaction.

Invest one day to change your culture. Provide your people with a tool that can have a profound positive impact on the way they work.

“Using QBQ! I have made significant improvements in productivity and focus. I get more out of meetings with customers because both sides walk away with clear expectations — and because our conversations are far more positive, problem solving is easier.” —Territory Manager

Effective Personal Productivity

For managers and employees. Promotes the adoption of productive work habits to stretch and accomplish progressively larger goals that impact your organization. The result is participants gaining at least 30 minutes more per day of productive work—that’s an additional working month per person, per year. The program focuses on:


  • Behaviors to maximize productivity
  • Increased effectiveness by concentrating on high-payoff activities and priorities
  • Identification and elimination of time wasters
  • Development of goals and action plans that promote focus
  • Evaluation of how actions and communication impact others
  • Continuous improvement
  • Changes in tasks and focus as job responsibilities change
  • Delegation and motivation of direct reports

“By gaining 1 extra hour every day, my productivity has increased tremendously.” —HR Manager

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