The Achiever And Related AssessmentsHire smarter. Promote the best. Train less. Manage better.

Using the Achiever increases the probability of hiring “A” performers whose traits match the requirements of the job — because people are most successful when their strengths and abilities match job expectations. Interviewing, resumes and references seldom provide the best overall picture of an individual’s capabilities. Hiring or promoting the wrong person is a costly mistake that can be avoided. The Achiever can determine whether a candidate truly has the ability to succeed in a specific environment or whether they are simply good interviewers.

The Achiever (and its sales version – the Sales Achiever), which has a 50-year history of success, is considered “The Gold Standard in America.” Utilizing the Achiever as part of your pre-employment selection process provides the following benefits:


  • Stronger hiring decisions based on objective assessments that reveal an individual’s true talents
  • Comparison of abilities with those required by the job, thus reliably predicting the fitness of a candidate to a specific job
  • Introduces objectivity into the selection process by providing a clear basis of comparison with other candidate
  • Questions to ask in an interview
  • Ability to benchmark successful performers’ traits
  • Basis for developing targeted training and development programs to improve job performance
  • Insight for managers on how to best manage and coach employees to productive performance

In addition to screening potential new employees and judging suitability of existing employees for promotion, the Achiever is frequently utilized in the training process to:

  • Target coaching and development efforts, as well as provide valuable insights to all those responsible for promoting the personal and professional growth of employees in order to maximize employee effectiveness and productivity, thus improving performance and job satisfaction
  • Uncover strengths and develop plans to balance weaknesses within existing organizations

The Achiever Measures:

  • Mental aptitudes
  • Agility and adaptability
  • Initiative; self-motivation
  • Organization and focus
  • Reliability and consistency
  • Integrity and work ethics
  • Communication skills
  • Empathy and emotional stability
  • Assertiveness
  • Energy and drive
  • Teamwork
  • Customer orientation
  • Leadership potential
  • Sales potential

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We combine our expertise with these assessments and knowledge of what organizations need in order to provide a comprehensive view of the total person, and evaluate the fit between job requirements and a candidate’s abilities, aptitudes, and personal traits.

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