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How Soft Are You and the People You Hire?

How Soft Are You and the People You Hire? A & B Leadership GroupSuccess in the workplace involves more than technical expertise. 92% of companies say that “soft” skills matter as much as “hard” skills, and that they are an important factor in hiring decisions. Reason: soft skills are the foundation of effective teamwork and organizational success. Among these are the ability to adapt, collaborate effectively, manage time and priorities, communicate with clarity, solve problems, think strategically and personal accountability. Without them, knowledge is not properly put to use so you won’t get full impact from your team.

There is no single most important soft skill because the importance can vary depending on the job. But communication is considered a critical trait since strong communication can improve relationships with colleagues and customers, facilitate collaboration and teamwork, and enhance overall job performance.

In order to ensure peak performance,

  • Analyze the characteristics and behaviors that have contributed to your top performers’ success, as well as the traits of your mediocre performers that you want to avoid.
  • Identify desired outcomes for every position; that’s much more than a job description.
  • Measure desired traits when hiring and promoting.
  • For those already on your payroll, know each of your employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Then provide targeted training, coaching and development which enhance skills. This should include scheduling your own coaching time with employees.
  • Hire the best and those ready to hit the ground running. Once on board, make continuous improvement a habit with effective coaching, training and development that focuses on specific needs.

With the above in mind, what do you need to do to increase your effectiveness and that of your employees? Do you have the right resources? Or the right people doing the right things? Do you need to reorganize your workforce so that your employees are working in areas of strength, not weakness? Do you need to hire to fill in the gaps? We are ready to help with The Achiever which will provide an unbiased view.

Your success is too important to leave to chance. What action are you willing to take right now?


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