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The Gift of Time is Yours

What will you do with it? Time can’t be saved or stored for use when circumstances are more favorable, or when a more important opportunity comes along. Time not used productively is permanently lost. Reviewing your schedule regularly ensures you are spending time in ways that move you toward your goals. Of course, sometimes there are things you cannot change, like obstacles that you have no control over. But there are things you can change, such as not allowing conditions to determine your schedule, or putting things off.

There is a direct link between your success and how you invest time—both in your work and in your life outside of work. Focus on top priorities. Stick to the activities that move you toward those goals. When working on a specific task, stay with it until is it completed.

Here are a few questions to help you re-focus—because what you do says what you value enough to work for.

• Are you using time effectively, or wasting it?
• Does how you spend your time move you toward your goals?
• What will happen if you don’t change the time spent on current activities?
• What can you do in order to be more effective?
• How will you ensure you spend time with the people who matter most?
• How can you make a difference right now?
• Will you accept the responsibility to manage your gift, and take the first step to a better future?



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