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It’s Time to Tell the Truth—Time Management is a Myth

That’s right. There is no such thing as time management because time can’t be changed. But we can manage ourselves and manage what we do with our time in order to increase productivity. That means changing behaviors. Without that our valuable talents are wasted and our potential contributions are lost forever.

It’s not how busy we are, but what we get done that counts. 62% of those surveyed admitted to wasting roughly 30 minutes per day (actually half of those admitted to wasting an hour per day). Time spent on things which don’t matter steals the time we could use more productively. A habit-changing development program on effective productivity can transform your behavior. But to get you started here is a short list of things which will help.

  • Before proceeding, pause and ask yourself if your goals are in synch with your talents, or if they should be adjusted to use your strengths—because using your strengths means you will be more successful and fulfilled in your work. If you are unsure, ask those who know you well, or take an assessment like the Achiever™.
  • Begin by setting priorities that are in line with your values and goals—and then spending your effort on those priorities, not time-stealers.
  • Don’t forget to include personal goals such as time with family and friends, and activities which rejuvenate you.
  • Begin each day by devoting 5 minutes prioritizing tasks for the day. A fool-proof method for getting things done and staying on top of the things which are important is to schedule everything in your calendar. This method moves items from your To-Do List to an Action Plan. Schedule tasks for time periods when you are most productive, and when those you need to interact with are available.

Try these suggestions for a month. We guarantee they will move you toward your goals at record pace.

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