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The Time Is Now

The time to buy home owners insurance is not during a hurricane. The time to install smoke detectors is not while your house is on fire. And the time to develop the conviction to achieve your professional goals is not after you retire. In these examples, it’s too late.

Tomorrow’s success depends upon today’s actions. That means we must prepare today for the future and act on the opportunities that are given to us. Decide now what you want to do and then focus on what you must do to get there. Put yourself in control by concentrating on the things which matter in the long run.

  • Write down your goals so that they are crystal clear.
  • Determine the tasks that will lead you to your goals. Break these down into specific action steps—that is how you will do the what—and set priorities, the estimated time it will take to compete each step and target completion dates. This becomes your “big-picture” to-do-list.
  • Make your daily to-do-list based on the big picture.

The time is now. Will you rescue tomorrow’s future before the end of today?

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