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Vacation Benefits

More than 50% of Americans take vacations in the summer months. The benefits of taking a break from work extend far beyond the enjoyment of doing so. In addition to vacation’s role in work-life balance, research consistently shows the benefits of taking time off. A change of pace helps us succeed at our work goals by boosting creativity and problem-solving; improving energy, focus and productivity; lowering stress; and resulting in better physical and mental health.

But taking time off means actually taking the time off and getting out of work mode! Unfortunately, nearly 60% of people work while on vacation. Disengaging when you are away from work is a proven stress-buster, making you more resilient and more engaged when you return to work. If a vacation of a week or more is not possible, even short weekend breaks help significantly. On a personal note, travel for us is difficult. So, we created our version of mini-vacations with a short period in the garden before breakfast each day in the late spring/early summer to see what beauties we might have created in our daylily hybridizing efforts. That brings us joy, satisfaction and refreshment for the day ahead.

Commit to taking a real break. And when you return to work with a new perspective, think about your values, goals, career and personal life. Then answers some important questions.

  • What changes will you make going forward to positively impact your career and personal life?
  • How can you make time (at least once per week) for fun and relaxation?
  • What are the needs of those who are most important to you? How can you set aside time to spend with family and friends?
  • Are you committed to making the necessary changes?
  • • Once you know what needs to be done, are you ready to start immediately? How will you stay on track?

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